Open Geology

Open Geology.

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But still ...


Who we are.

Prospecting group "Open Geology " was founded in 2008 and gathers a group of professionals in the field of geology, ore prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits.


What we do.

We discover minerals deposits.
We provide a wide range of services in the field of geology.


Main activities:

1. Geological consulting

2 . Ore prospecting

3 . Geological interpretation of remote sensing

4 . Geological mapping

5 . Structural study

6. Soil and bedrock geochemistry

7. Geological and mineralogical studies

8. Development and adaptation of complex geological prospecting solutions

9. Feasibility analysis of different types of exploration

10 . Expert analysis (audit) of prospecting and exploration results

11. and much more ...


What we have.

Passion for discovery.

Scientific potential.

Innovative thinking.


Pure Luck.


Priority types of commodities.

Gold, diamonds, copper , nickel, platinum ...


Priority regions ( Russia )

North-west ( Murmansk region, Rep. Karelia, Leningrad region).
East (Irkutsk region, Rep. Buryatia)

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Название компании:

"Open Geology"


St.Petersburg, Russia


+7 (812) 943 6540

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